Fire Retardant Canvas Manufacturer/Supplier in Sonipat

Fire Retardant Canvas

Madras Canvas Manufacturing Various Types of Tarpaulins like HDPE Tarpaulins, LDPE Tarpaulins, Plastic Tarpaulins, Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins and Leading Manufacturer of all Type of Tents.

Fire Retardant Canvas Supplying in Sonipat

Fire Retardant Canvas Manufacturer in Sonipat, Fire Retardant Canvas Supplier in Sonipat, Fire Retardant Canvas in Sonipat. Fire Retardant Canvas in Sonipat,Fire Retardant Canvas Manufacturer in Sonipat,Fire Retardant Canvas Supplier in Sonipat. Our Flexible Duct Connector consisting of a flame retardant fabric, secured to galvanised sheet metal on either side by a double lock seam is inserted between the equipment/air duct & the ductwork to provide a wear resistant Airtight flexible connection to eliminate vibrations, noise & rattles.
» Quick & Economical
» Air Tight Lock Seams
» Wear Resistant
» Unmatched Durability & Strength
» Replaces Traditional Canvas
» Available in various widths of Metal & Fabric
» Fabric rolls available in 100-1500 mm width
» Roll length of 25 & 50 meters