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Tarpaulin or Plastic Tarpaulin is a Large Sheet which is manufactured of waterproof material which is available in various sizes, tarpaulin or plastic tarpaulin usually made from plastic like HDPE, LDPE, Plastic Sheets or PVC. In Past Era, tarpaulin were used to cover object on ship from where it get it name – tar + palling meaning a "tarred canvas". We Madras Canvacs Manufacturing Various types of tarpaulins which is available in different type of raw materials & thicknesses for various type of applications, e.g., canvas, urethane coated, polyethylene, etc. in 21st Century tarpaulins are made from woven polyethylene, thereby making them cost-effective.

Key Features of Madras Canvas Tarpaulins

› Madras Canvas Products are made up From Virgin Polyethylene.
› Madras Canvas Plastic Tarpaulins are High Tensile Strength & Puncture Resistance.
› Madras Canvas Tarpaulins Ease to handling & Light Weight.
› Madras Canvas Tarpaulins flexible Hence Suited to Cover Irregular Shapes.
› Madras Canvas Tarpaulins Fire Retardant, Tough & Durable.

› Madras Canvas Tarpaulins 100% Waterproof, Leakproof, Weatherproof.
› Madras Canvas Tarpaulins Repairable & Cost Effective
› Madras Canvas Tarpaulins Available in a Variety with Attractive Colors.
› Madras Canvas Manufacturer of All Type of Tents with Customized Requirements.
› Madras Canvas Servicing Client for Their Customized Requirements.

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